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Winter Break 3D Models

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So my winter break ended yesterday, and my classes have started up again. I wasn’t nearly as productive as I thought I was going to be, but I did create a few 3D models on my own and started on lesson 4 of the tutorials. Each of my models are video game related, and I hope that you recognize them. If not, then I question your taste in video games.

Here is the glorious triforce from the Legend of Zelda. The style was based off of the version in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, when it can be seen at the end of the game. My model may be a little thin, but I think it looks good besides that.

Gotta catch’em all! A common run-of-the-mill pokeball from Pokemon. This is my favorite of the models I made during the break. It looks just so crisp and beautiful to me, and I really enjoyed making it.

Rupees! The famous currency of Hyrule in the Zelda games. Who knows what the value of these rupees adds up to?

If you have any ideas about some cool things I should model, let me know! Keep in mind, I haven’t passed the simple barrier quite yet though.