Arad Reed

Software and Game Developer

Size Squared

In Size Squared, there is a base green square and a red square that grows in the middle. You must tap on the screen when the red square is approximately the same size as the green square to score points. There are four different modes of play: easy, hard, harder, and hardest. In each mode, you have 3 lives. If the red square grows a little bigger than the green square, you lose a life. A life is also lost if you tap too early. Each mode adds elements to the basic concept to really amp up the difficulty. In each mode, the green square shrinks and the red square begins to grow faster.

- Leaderboards
- Personal high scores
- Share score on Twitter and Facebook

How to Play
- Tap anywhere on the screen when the red square matches the size of the green square
- With two squares, tap on the left part of the screen for the left square and the right part for the right square.