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Castle 2.0 3D Model

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So it turns out that the previous model I had done of a castle wasn’t the end of lesson 2 as I had originally though. A second optional part of lesson 2 consisted of texturing the castle, so I decided to borrow some time from my sleep and finish the castle up tonight (I may regret that when I have to wake up in a few hours).

I had a few troubles while going through this part of the tutorial. This, I believe, is mostly due to version differences between the most recent version of Blender that I use and the version used to make the tutorials. One problem I had was between cube and flat textures. When the tutorial said to use cube textures, the texture would streak while, according to the tutorial, it would streak in flat mode (which it didn’t for me). There were also sizing and other issues that I had to work through, but I ended up with a version that was acceptable for my level of knowledge.

Due to the issues I had, my castle doesn’t look quite as good as the castle from the tutorial…but the ground on mine is textured while the tutorial’s isn’t (I got my grass texture here). Take a look at the images below and see what you think.